Trust, but verify.. 

July 1969 - Buzz Aldrin climbs down the Eagle’s ladder to the Moon surface.

Beyond Boundaries: Golem Protection, the only company in the world to test protection teams

In a league of its own, Golem Protection stands as the only company globally to test Close protection teams and protection companies uniquely tailored to the client's explicit requests.

Golem's distinctive approach goes beyond the ordinary, subjecting security teams to real attacks and setting the gold standard for assessing strengths and weaknesses. This unparalleled testing methodology ensures that clients receive the most comprehensive evaluation of their security teams, fostering an environment of "Trust but verify". 

As a testament to Golem's unwavering commitment to excellence, December 2023 marked a milestone – surpassing the bar of 100 tests conducted. In this rigorous testing regimen, Golem demonstrated exceptional prowess, succeeding in 97 tests. 

This remarkable achievement indicates that only three (3) companies worldwide were able to effectively protect their clients under Golem's rigorous assessment. 

Close Protection Team Testing 

- Security Audit

Trust, but verify..  When you invest in your physical protection and security, you rightfully expect the best in return. 

At Golem Protection, we understand the stakes involved – the safety of yourself, your family, and your possessions or clients. 


But in the realm of security, 

  • Are you willing to bet your life and the lives of your loved ones on mere conjecture? 
  • Can you rely solely on trust or the word of friends?
  • Is your security team genuinely prepared to handle real-world threats? 
  • Are they tested under authentic conditions? 
  • Have you ever put them to the test?
  • Can you confidently vouch for your security arrangements? 
  • What if? 

This rhetorical reminder prompts reflection – in a market where every provider claims to be the best, how do you navigate the choice? 


Golem Protection will assess your current security team with the highest ethical and professional standards to identify their strengths and weaknesses through a singular way to test them:  A real Attack..

If we failed, It's Free of Charge..


Adding to the uniqueness of Golem's testing services is the groundbreaking commercial approach:

> If, by an extremely rare chance, Golem Protection fails to breach your security during testing, the service, while invaluable, is provided free of charge...

We are not just confident; we're determined to demonstrate that your security might not be as impervious as you believe!

Should we fail in penetrating your security, not only will our protection evaluation and testing cost you nothing, but our comprehensive report could be the key to saving both your life and your resources!

For a deeper understanding of your security and a glimpse into our distinctive approach, contact us for a free consultation. Trust in Golem's proven capabilities to ensure your safety in an ever-evolving security landscape.

Victory Count - Update June 2024

Since the inception of our Close Protection Teams Testing, Golem Protection has conducted over 117 rigorous tests, setting a benchmark in security assessments. 

We are proud to report 114 "victories," where our team successfully identified vulnerabilities and breached the security measures of various protection companies. 

These results underscore the critical importance of our testing services in ensuring that only the most robust and professional security teams are entrusted with your protection.

Client Testimonials: Exclusive Insights

We invited our esteemed clients to share their unique experiences with Golem Protection's TBV - Trust but Verify service. 

Many of them graciously took from their precious time to provide their exclusive insights, offering a rare glimpse into their extraordinary journeys. By recounting their initial situations, elaborating on the rigorous testing process, and providing their conclusions, they help us showcase the unparalleled quality and profound impact of our services. 

We are honored to present their words to you:

Testimonial n°1 

- Private Client -

“Engaging the services of Golem Protection was nothing short of a revelation. 

The simulation, executed with remarkable realism and precision, uncovered alarming deficiencies in our security apparatus, which had been managed for years by a private company we considered the best in the UK. 

I remember feeling a chill when the simulation revealed gaps in our security apparatus. This painful truth underscored the imperative of having a reliable and genuine protection team. The meticulousness and professionalism demonstrated by Golem have afforded us an unparalleled sense of security and confidence in our new protective measures. 

Their expertise could very well have saved our lives, as we had been living with a false sense of security. This was truly unexpected and definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. ” 

Testimonial n°2 

- Royal Representative -

“In our culture, maintaining impeccable security is paramount; we want and expect the best. 

Golem Protection’s testing team overwhelmed our entire armed security team simultaneously, demonstrating their elite level of precision and leaving everyone speechless. 

This test revealed the true capabilities of our team, which were subsequently replaced. The thoroughness and expertise displayed by Golem have provided us with a renewed sense of assurance in our security measures, ensuring the security detail for the Royal family. 

This experience was unforeseen when we started the process with Golem but is now invaluable and should be undertaken by anyone requiring protection detail.” 

Testimonial n°3 

- Family Office -

“As a multi-family office in Switzerland, we demand the highest standards of security for our clients, some of whom have trusted us for generations. 

When we discussed testing their protections 'in situ,' our longest-standing client decided to give it a try, confident they had the best of the best and that it was 'impossible' for anything to go wrong. 

During a private dinner with high-end guests, the Golem team arrived silently, with their operatives rappelling from the roof in the dark, under heavy snow.  The scene was so surreal, that our client described it as 'like a James Bond movie.' 

The protection crew was caught off guard and left terrified.
Our client, realizing the catastrophic potential of the situation, immediately requested a change of protection company. 

The family or guests could have been kidnapped or worse. This unforgettable experience will be etched in their memories forever.” 

Testimonial n°4 

- Private Client -

“New Yorker who runs businesses and travels globally with my family, security is a top priority. 

We learned about Golem Protection from a newspaper article that highlighted their unique testing service, pointing out that while many claim to be the best, no one verifies it. Intrigued, we engaged their services to assess the true effectiveness of our security. 
We were so confident that nothing could happen.

Here’s the extraordinary part: Golem tracked us down during our holiday on a secluded island in the Caribbean, launching their test attack from the sea while we enjoyed family time on the beach. It felt like we were in an action movie, with military emerging fully equipped from the ocean; they could have done terrible things to us all if it had been real. This eye-opening test highlighted that our supposed top-tier security setup was useless, and watching some of our "security personnel" flee in panic was both horrifying and infuriating.

Golem Protection's professionalism and meticulous approach have undoubtedly preempted a potential disaster. 
I can't thank Golem enough and can't emphasize enough the importance of thorough security testing. This entire experience was unexpectedly invaluable and truly unforgettable. Anyone serious about their safety should definitely consider it.”

Testimonial n°5 

- Forbes 500 Executive -

“Constantly accompanied by five bodyguards, I was confident in the security measures meticulously coordinated by my executive team. On the recommendation of my peers, we engaged Golem Protection, renowned for their unparalleled security assessments, to test our security setup.

On the occasion of an outdoor business meeting, Golem's team executed a sophisticated covert operation. I remember glancing at my watch, unaware that Golem's team had already seamlessly infiltrated into our secure environment. The next instant, they carried out a successful attack on my person while in the meeting. My bodyguards, selected as the best, were unprepared for the level of expertise Golem displayed, exposing critical flaws in our security setup.

Discovering that my highly reputed security team left me vulnerable was both shocking and deeply unsettling. Golem's professionalism and meticulous approach revealed weaknesses that could have had extreme consequences.

Previously, I never scrutinized my security measures, as I expected everyone to perform their duties while I focused on piloting a billion dollar organization. This experience has fundamentally transformed my understanding of the risks and the needs of true security

I now wholeheartedly recommend Golem to anyone relying on high-level security services. This experience was both invaluable and essential for ensuring my safety.”

Testimonial n°6 

- Private Client -

“Our relatives recommended Golem Protection as the leading name in security services, so we decided to put our protection to the test with their expertise. We had one bodyguard and one chauffeur to safeguard our family—two parents and two children—during a shopping trip in a renowned location. Confident in our current protection, we accepted the challenge, believing it was impossible for anything to go wrong.

Throughout the outing, Golem's team masterfully managed to delay our bodyguard and discreetly separate us from them without raising any alarms. Their subtle and strategic maneuvers were a true display of expert craftsmanship. By the time our bodyguard realized what had happened, the Golem team was already with us—both parents and our two kids—completely unprotected. Worse outcomes could have easily occurred.

The Golem test revealed the total inefficacy of relying on one or two bodyguards, despite hiring what we thought was the best security company available. Seeing our supposedly elite protection fail so easily was a sobering experience. We felt utterly deceived and betrayed, realizing that our previous security company had given us a false sense of safety. Their incompetence could have left our family in grave danger.

We cannot thank Golem enough for their thorough and effective service, as well as their professionalism and kindness, especially with our children. Since that day, we wholeheartedly recommend Golem to anyone already relying on security services and have invested in a highly reliable and thorough protection setup for our family.”

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